CSCEC, Ethiopia Sign Deal to build Adey Abeba Stadium in Addis Ababa

Adey Abeba Stadium Construction

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Ethiopia’s Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Chinese State Construction Engineering Corporation Ltd (CSCEC) on Tuesday signed an agreement for the construction of a new 60,000-seat stadium, which will be named Adey Abeba.

Youth and Sports Minister Redwan Hussien said that the government has allocated a budget of 2.47 billion birr (US$12 million) for the first phase of construction.

Construction work is expected to start next month and will provide employment opportunity for 2,000 workers.



9 thoughts on “CSCEC, Ethiopia Sign Deal to build Adey Abeba Stadium in Addis Ababa

  1. That is ok. The design and the surrounding all are astonishing for now. Is it all like this we receive finally from chines, including the clean, blue river flowing beside the stadium?

  2. I believe building world class stadium is necessary.from a point of view to me it seems that our soccer clubs and the national team will develop better technical skills gradually,so,one way or the other building such stadiums pays off.from a different perspective building such facilities is not only four soccer tournaments rather they could serve for multi purpose activities.It is true that an awful lot of money will be spent on them but they will remain the country’s assets.I support the idea of building micro businesses around the facility while sanitation remains a matter of concern.

  3. OK, fine,but how we return this investment? and who cover the utility and all running costs ? why don’t we build world standard sport academies in the regions and medium sized stadium its confusing , if you don’t establish your home with Quality concrete it gonna fail-the next day , I feel like that . again and again the solution is maximizing standard sport academy will let us to get our future talented and world class player.

  4. The wholl idea of the projdct is good. But in my opinion the design shoud have incorporated business places around it for income generation just like the old one. That would have helped the federations in their effort to be self sufficent. Are we going back in the level of designs? What a waste!!

  5. Looks like you are missing one more digit. 2.47 billion birr should be roughly US$120 million not $12M dollars.

  6. The idea that Ethiopia try to build a 60,000 seated stadium is simply not a good and wise investment. We are not simply at the standard of England and Spain . Look how South Africa and Brazil are suffering because they invest on World Cup stadiums. Are we better than Brazilian when it come to sport?.How many world class players they have produced for century? I am not personally opposing ? I love sports too much. However, we simply haven’t reach economically to build that such capacity stadium. We haven’t send a single world class player to European clubs. We are known only for athleticism. If you look at South Africa & Brazil , they are crying. You can’t host big event every day, week and month or year. How do we cover the cost? How many Ethiopians afford or fill a 60,000 seated every week as European and Americans do. Look the sanitation in our cities how dirty they are. The taxi we take in our city. How old those cars? Look The traffic light we have. Where are world class hotels if you build world standard stadium? Just one Sheraton hotel ? Isn’t terrible to build such big stadium. Why we can’t build a good sport academy school and national team or clubs. If we ask independent academic experts in the western world,they say to us are you crazy? Brazil & South Africa couldn’t cover its cost. Some turned to bus parking in Brazil . Let us clean the garbage in the cities. Modernize our education qualities. Modernize cars( taxi). Plant modern tragic lights. Create permanent industrial and commercial jobs. Do we think European teams come to Ethiopia when
    We have such polluted and bad sanitation? We are a mile a way to build 60,000 seated stadium. Be wise with your money

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