Dashen Brewery Donates 50 Million Birr to Bahir Dar Stadium

The Brewery made a 50 million Br donation to Bahir Dar Stadium.

Dashen Brewery S.C has given 50 million Br for Bahir Dar International Stadium, which is going to be used to buy modern seating.

The money was given to the regional state Youth & Sports Affairs Bureau. The donation was received by the deputy head of the bureau, Muluadam Getahun. The stadium, located in the capital of Amhara Regional State, has reached about 90pc completion.

“This is one part of our comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program,” said Devlin Hainsworth, Dashen’s CEO . “Our total CSR spend is over half a billion in the past 16 years.” We want to make a difference in sport and leave a lasting legacy,” he added.

The 50 million Br donation was collected over a period of seven years and is equivalent to two birr for every crate of beer sold in that time period in Amhara Regional State, according to a mutual agreement between Dashen and the Bureau.

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