Former Ethiopian Soccer Star & Eritrea’s Ambassador to the UN passed away in New York.

Girma Asmerom Tesfay, former Ethiopian Soccer Star & Eritrea’s Ambassador to the UN, passed away at the age of 67 in New York, according to Caperi, an Eritrean online newspaper.
Ambassador Girma was born on December 19, 1949 in Eritrea and he was educated in the United States, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Government from Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine and a Master of Arts degree in International Relations from the American University School of International Service in Washington DC.
Girma Asmerom, who was a member of the Dagnew FC in Addis Ababa, played for the Ethiopian national team on numerous occasions including the 1968 African Cup, which was hosted by Ethiopia.
The 1968 Ethiopian national team
The 1968 Ethiopian national team
 The 1968 Ethiopian national team: Standing from left to right: Bekure-Tsion Gebrehiwot, Abraha Araya, Awad Mohammed (captain), Fisseha “Fish” Wolde-Amanuel and Kiflom Araya.
Seated from left to right: Luciano Vassalo, Mengistu Worku, Getachew Abebe “Dula”, Bereket , Getachew Wolde and Girma Asmerom.

9 thoughts on “Former Ethiopian Soccer Star & Eritrea’s Ambassador to the UN passed away in New York.

  1. The very little head you have thinks 90% what?and what about the other 10%?
    You are the stupid Eritrean garbage that needs to go to a landfill.
    What a moron.

  2. Girma Asmerom was indeed a great player who scored Ethiopia’s first goal in the sixth African Cup (against Uganda).

    Still, is this picture from the sixth African Cup? After all the great defender Kiflom Araya played (#2) during the third African Cup, not the sixth. Moreover, Shewangzaw Agonafr played in the first three matches (out of five) in the sixth African Cup but does not appear in this picture.

    Before you call others stupid, please correct yourself as follows:

    1) Ethiopia did not win the sixth cup that the great player Girma Asmerom played in.
    2) Already, five out of 11 players are NOT from Eritrea. These are Mengistu, Getachew
    A, Getachew W, Fisseha and Awad. So 6 out of 11 (at most) is about 55%, not 90%.
    3) The correct spelling is cup, not cap.


  3. RIP. He was a great Hero. He was dedicated to his calling which is serving Eritrea and its people. He was friendly with all people he came across. He was a great man. And we Eritreans lost a legend in our politics.

  4. 90% of the team was Eritrean and the stupid Ethiopian people still thinks Ethiopia had won the cap.

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