Hidden Beauty of Ethiopia Contest Returns

The Hidden Beauty of Ethiopia contest is making a return after a four year hiatus. This year’s event is to be hosted on EBS starting on February 1, 2019.

Started by the international model, Delina Ghezu, the event helps and mentors aspiring models to enter international competitions. The televised event is to have 7 episodes and the finalists will be given adequate training and lessons on the art of modeling. She will also be invited for more professional coaching and will sign-up with a noted modeling agency: Linden Staub.

The winner will also take part in a national tour as an advocate of peace and education. 

The first televised competition occurred in 2015 and chose Mekele’s native, Fana Zerfu. The aspiring model was chosen among two thousand participants and was invited to take part at a London modeling competition eventually signing with Linden Staub.

For this year’s competition, the basic requirement is to have an Ethiopian nationality, be between the ages of 16 and 25, and be above 1.70m in height.

“I decided to create such a platform as a way to expose the potential of Ethiopian youth to enter the competitive international modeling industry,” said Delina. “This is a way for young Ethiopian females to express themselves, be empowered and explore opportunities in what is a competitive field.”

Source: The Reporter