This Couple’s Glamorous Ethiopian Orthodox Wedding Gives Us Serious Crown-Envy

The wedding of Egla Taye and Olana Olana (Photo: Nat Wongsaroj)

Egla Taye and Olana Olana threw summertime tropes to the wind, marrying in an intimate cranberry-and-gold themed wedding that paid homage to their Ethiopian heritage. Bonus: the couple donned Ethiopian Orthodox wedding crowns at the end of their ceremony.

Egla and Olana’s story begins with a borrowed camera.

A mutual friend asked to use Olana’s camera at a birthday party where Egla was a guest. Naturally, pictures were snapped, and eventually the camera was returned to Olana. While going through his camera, a photo of Egla caught his eye. He asked their mutual friend for an introduction, and the rest is history.

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