Getaneh Kebede breaks goal scoring record as Premier League concludes

The 2016/17 Ethiopian Premier League competition concluded today with Getaneh Kebede of Dedebit breaking Yordanos Abay‘s 16-year-old goal scoring record and Ethiopia Nigd Bank, Jimma Abba Bunna and Addis Ababa Kenema being relegated to the National League. 

Getaneh scored his 24th & 25th goals (30 matches) of the season in his team’s 4-2 defeat at the hands of Wolayta Dicha. 

Getaneh has a sensational season in the league but to be fair, Yordanos Abay of EELPA scored 24 goals in the 2000/01  Ethiopian Premier League season playing 26 games, four less than Getaneh.

Week 30 Results

Kedus Giorgis 1-0 Ethiopia Nigd Bank

Wolayta Dicha 4-2 Dedebit

Dire Dawa Kenema 1-0 Jimma Abba Bunna

Hawassa Kenema 1-1 Ethio-Electric

Adama Kenema 2-1 Fasil Kenema

Woldiya Kenema 1-0 Addis Ababa Kenema

Ethiopian Bunna 0-0 Arba Minch Kenema

Sidama Bunna 1-1 Mekelakeya 

Kedus Giorgis was declared the champion with 62 points followed by Dedebit & Adama Kenema (51 pts).


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  1. for mi Getaneh is not rechi to Yordanos record becouse. Getane scored 25th goal in 30 maches.
    Yordanos scored 24 goal withen 26 maches

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