Ethiopian Water Adventure and more

Ethiopia is often described as a magical and refreshing destination which always lives up to its reputation. Visitors can explore hand in hand through clean beaches and hike to lush green mountains having the best time of their lives. Whether you are a history buff or just out for adventure and exploration you will get what you are looking for.

Among the stunning Ethiopian places of the western Ethiopia, Bahir Dar which was once considered to be made the capital city of Ethiopia by the late former Emperor Haile Selassie due to the extravagant natural resources and suitable weather condition, is an exceptional location. Located 600 km northwest of Addis Ababa, it presents breathtaking lake views and artistic creations. The town is famously known by its lakes and the wide avenues lined with palm trees and diversity of colorful flowers. Abay (Blue Nile River) is one of the main attractions of Bahir Dar that many consider as the bliss of Ethiopia. Of its total length of 1,450km that stretches all the way to Egypt, 800 km are within the borders of Ethiopia.

The river flows generally from Lake Tana and to the west across Ethiopia and all the way to North West Sudan. The powerful waterfall which is locally named Tise Abay (smoke of the Nile River) portrays the glamour of nature. Nearby the fascinating Lake Tana meets the White Nile River in neighboring Sudan supplying 85% of water to Great Nile River creating a powerful waterfall. Walking on the river bridge is one of the great fun activity admiring the view of Lake Tana.  

The best part of Bahir Dar is, there is so much to see including the ancient churches from the 16th century getting access to many historical artifacts, heritages and paintings. The remains of the ancient Ethiopian kings and the ancient valuable treasures of the church are held here at the remote island monasteries in Bahir Dar where you can visit through cruising towards the inside of the church.

The southern part of Ethiopia also offers Langano, a truly timeless destination. It’s incredible water adventure and friendly monkeys are hard to get enough off. Whether you want to try the water sport and enjoy the warm sun and fresh air you will not be disappointed in Langano. It’s the local’s favorite vacation spot. Full of glorious natural scenery it’s the best beach packed with refreshing adventures. Nothing beats the warm atmosphere and people who made several tourists to stay behind as residents. Fishing is another beach adventure you should not miss out enjoying the southern fresh cooking delicacies.

Lake Langano

The beach is surrounded with several pelicans, birds and monkeys that ramble around without minding several visitors who crowd their jurisdiction. The luxurious resorts fronting the beach are also hard to miss as the rooms provide clear view of the beach allowing you to spot hippos, monkeys, baboons, warthogs, and numerous birds. The lavish beach fun activities are accompanied with fishing and surf at the surrounding of the iconic landscape of Langano is undauntedly an exciting experience recommended by Jumia Travel. Seriously take time to discover these towns relishing everything from history to pure lakes to wildlife and glamorous nature’s creations.

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