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There are loads of great exploration options in Ethiopia. You could stay for quite long and still not get close to experiencing absolutely everything in this historical and cultural land. Most of the destinations gets greener and blossom all year round giving you the opportunity to schedule travel on the best time just for yourself. Time in Ethiopia will take you the hell out of every stress and discontent. It’s ideally located in the land of East Africa for variety of different expeditions ranging from blissful uncrowded beaches and ancient temples to cultural rich history and extreme locations with a bubbling fire lakes. Whether you are looking for family, romantic or solo vocation Ethiopia has it all. Jumia Travel Africa’s leading online hotel booking company shares its seven exploration experience in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia offers best trek all the way to Africa’s roof top mountain at Simien Mountains and Ras Dashen. From the rock hewn churches in Lalibela to rock hewn obelisks in Aksum and Gondar, seriously an adventure to Ethiopia is so unique that it will change you into a storyteller. Everything in this historical and traditional place takes you to a beautiful wander of adventure inspiring you along the way. The sights the bites and the adventures are endless making you count each passing second.


Ethiopia suites any traveler looking for a real exploration and the state of the art ancient architectures including Erta Ale, Dallol and the great Nile river extreme escapades. Sparkled with so many delightful things to do and see Ethiopia is a natural extravaganza that takes adventure to the next level. It is truly a trendy country which blooms as a perfect African getaway.  

Tourists visiting Dallol

This glorious executive holiday destination raises the bar to both white and blue collar high expectant travelers. It’s a comfy and classic castle like accommodation prices will leave you with disbelief and excitement.

Ethiopia not only became holiday place but it redefined itself as the global unique natural paradise. The tourist friendly country stand out for its hospitality and charm treating vacationers with respect and love creating feel at home atmosphere.

For history buffs, for wildlife admirers, for hikers, for explorers and daring destinations visitors, Ethiopia has everything. Lake Tana, Langano and Wenchi are few of the many refreshing fresh waters suitable for swimming and cruising. From its commendable warm season all year long to its gorgeous sights it’s one of a kind destination that satisfies every expectation.

Wenchi Crater Lake in Oromia

If wish to see a fire lake here you go, Ethiopia has a place called Erta Ale a bubbling fire lake from 125 meters below sea level. If you truly need to visit this place you better hurry because scientists are predicting that this fire lake is slowly splitting Africa to form an ocean in near future. Although it’s good to come back for the ocean when it’s created the fire lake is truly a must see.

How about the next extreme landscape called Dallol one of the lowest points in African continent lying deep 116 below sea level. This place features an extreme version of hot desert climate overheating all year around. The white and yellow color sparkling salt peaks of the place not only creates colorful floor but it’s also photogenic.

Author Eden Sahle can be reached at eden.sahle@jumia.com