Ethiopia-born entrepreneur launches e-learning marketplace

Brook Negussie, Chief Executive Officer of ELearnAfrica
Brook Negussie, Chief Executive Officer of ELearnAfrica

Ethiopia-born entrepreneur Brook Negussie has launched eLearnAfrica, an online marketplace for education that aims to simplify the process of finding and enrolling for online courses, degrees and professional certifications from universities across the world.

eLearnAfrica, which is available via web or free Android app, is a social enterprise committed to increasing and expanding educational and employment opportunities throughout Africa.

Its web portal connects users of all educational levels to trusted third-party and collaboratively created content, delivering tailored recommendations to users. The startup has partnered with online course providers to make available courses from some of the best universities in the world.

The courses use video and other online resources, with students taking a short test to progress to the next class. Most can be taken for free, with some courses offering a verified certificate of completion for a modest administration fee.

Negussie said he hopes eLearnAfrica can become Africa’s most trusted source for open education.

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