Revolutionary School partners with noted entrepreneurs, to transition into profit making enterprise

Noah Samara

Libawi International Academy of Ethiopia is partnering with noted international entrepreneurs Noah Samara and Kassy Kebede and is to transition into a profit making enterprise as a strategic move to become self-sufficient.

The school that was started by two Ethiopian-American Diasporas, including the head of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation in Ethiopia, Haddis Tadesse and Panos Hatziandreas, started to educate promising students with vulnerable backgrounds in 2013.

With a vision of creating an “education system that helps students be eclectic and well informed leaders of tomorrow,” that has an “Ethio-centric values” to its core; has managed to send some of its students to leading educational institutions, to the likes of Duke and Yale Universities and has scored a 100 percent graduation rate.

Some of its students have been granted scholarships to take part in Yale Young Global Scholars program and a summer program at Cornel University.

“Half of our graduating class earned full scholarships to leading universities,” said Panos Hatziandreas, the head of the School. “That is while; the majority of these students are almost always accepted to the University of their Choice. We do currently have students in every continent, with the exception of Australia and South America. And we are working on that.”

In addition to its international teaching, the school is known to incorporate local teaching, teaching the ancient language of Geez, integrated African studies and mentorship programs. It also has an integrated special education program and an expanded student clubs: in photography, Science, technology and a student government program to help them become good and well-rounded citizens.

The school currently has 117 students, teaching in high school grades and is expected to double its enrollment as a result of the new partnership.

Noah Samara is a founder of Worldspace, the first in the world to launch satellite radio and Kassy Kebede, once married to Ethiopian Superstar international model Liya Kebede– a noted Wall Street hedge fund manager.

Source: The Reporter