University of Gondar to launch 35 new training programs

University of Gondar - Atse Tewodros Campus (Photo credit: UOG)
University of Gondar – Atse Tewodros Campus (Photo credit: UOG)

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia –The University of Gondar (UOG) in Amhara Regional State is set to launch 35 new fields of study in first, second and third degree programs this Ethiopian academic year.

Academic Affairs Vice President of the University, Dr Asrat Atsedeweyin, said UOG has completed preparations to launch 5 new fields of study in first degree, 12 fields in second degree and 18 fields of study in third degree programs.

The new fields of study will help meet the skilled manpower demand of the manufacturing and health sectors as well as to support the ongoing development, he said.

Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Midwifery are among the fields that will be launched in the third degree program, while in the second degree program it includes Social Anthropology, Business and Economics, Logistics, Biometrics, among others.

The new fields of study to be launched in this academic year will raise the training the university offers in first degree to 73 from 68, second degree to 106 from 94 and third degree to 22 from four, he said.

According to Dr Asrat, the university has completed preparing curriculum to launch the new fields of study as well as hired 59 Indian professors for its third degree programs.

He said UOG is ready to enroll 324 students in the new fields to be launched in second and third degree programs.

University of Gondar is currently training more than 40,000 students in its regular and continuing education program.

Source: EBC