Ethiopians celebrate Fasika (Easter)

Ethiopians celebrating Fasika in Jerusalem (phto: Aviram Valdman,
Ethiopians celebrating Fasika in Jerusalem (phto: Aviram Valdman,

Addis Ababa– Millions of Ethiopian Christians at home and abroad celebrate Fasika (The Resurrection of Jesus Christ) today along with Christians around the world.

Fasika or Easter is arguably the most celebrated Holiday in Ethiopia

Meanwhile, religious fathers in the country made the call while conveying Easter holiday message to the faithful today.

Patriarch of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, Abune Mathias I, urged the faithful to protect the values and cultures of the religion while commemorating the holiday.

It should be marked by remembering and offering support for victims of the drought and recent Gambella attack as well as for elderly people and orphans, he said.

Archbishop of the Ethiopian Catholic Church, Cardinal Berhaneyesus said, “we should support people in need of help and older people while observing the holiday.”

The Cardinal, on behalf of the Catholic Church, wished a safe release of children recently abducted by the Sudanese gunmen from Gambella regional state.

President of the Evangelical Churches Union of Ethiopia, Pastor Tsadiku Abdo, on his part called on the faithful to observe the holiday with love and offering support for people affected by the drought.

President of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus, Rev. Dr Wakseyomm Idosa, urged the faithful to celebrate the holiday by showing their love for others and providing support for the poor.

The religious fathers finally wished all faithful a happy and peaceful Easter.