Timket colorfully celebrated in Ethiopia

Timket celebration in Hawassa
Timket celebration in Hawassa

Addis Ababa – Timket (Ethiopian Epiphany), which marks the Baptism of Jesus Christ by John the Baptist  in the Jordan River was colorfully celebrated throughout Ethiopia today.

Timket is usually observed on January 19 and this year being a leap year, it is celebrated today.

The Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, His holiness Abune Mathias, said after giving benediction to the crowd gathered at Jal Meda let the haves gives to the have not.  That is one of main deeds one needs to fulfill while celebrating Epiphany, said the patriarch.

Abune Mathias addresses a number of social issues ranging from importance of social justice to the benefits of truth, from corruption to ethical considerations in once life in his grand speech dwelling in to the religious doctrine of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

“Epiphany means redemption by spiritual power. Thus, while celebrating epiphany you need thrive to ensure your country’s redemption by ensuring peace and development ‘’ said the patriarch.



2 thoughts on “Timket colorfully celebrated in Ethiopia

  1. I am disappointed that the holly father did not pray for those Oromo children that were gunned down by an unjust brutal regime. He didn’t even mention the issue.
    History will always remember Abuna Petros for his unwavering condemnation of fascism even if that was meant sacrifice.
    Indeed, he sacrificed his life!

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