Langano Wabi Shebelle Hotel up for sale

Langano Wabi Shebelle HotelAddis Ababa, Ethiopia – The Privatization and Public Enterprises Supervising Agency (PPESA) will sell out the last property amalgamated with the former Wabi Shebelle Hotels Enterprise located on the shores of Langano Lake.

A few years ago, the agency transferred the main Wabi Shebelle Hotel located in Addis Ababa to the grand children of the late Emperor Haile Selassie, the original owners of the hotel. Since the main office of the hotel enterprise was returned to the owners, the Langano Wabi Shebelle Hotel was transferred to be managed by Filwoha Hotels Enterprise. Most of the branch hotels of Wabi Shebelle Hotel Enterprises, located in the southern part of the country, were privatized before 2010, while the main branch located in the environs of Mexico Square, was transferred back to its original owners in 2010.

According to Wendafrash Assefa, Public Relation Head of PPESA, the lakeside hotel is one of the public enterprises listed down in a roaster of properties up for privatization in this fiscal year.

The hotel, located about 200km south of the capital, is one of the oldest hospitality facilities. The hotel has 65 rooms, restaurants and recreation areas on the lake side.

Wendafrash told Capital that the agency planned to privatize 22 enterprises, share companies and their branches in the coming five years. “Langano hotel will be one of the enterprises that will be up for bidding in the current budget year,” he said.

Langano, a popular beach area and one of the major bird watching sites, is one of the leading picnic destinations that attract not only foreigners but local visitors.

Currently, PPESA owns three hotels across Ethiopia, including Langano Wabi Shebelle. Ghion and Filwoha Hotels are the last two hotel facilities that remain under government ownership.

According to PPESA public relation head, the agency does not plan to privatize the remaining two hotels in the next five years.  Ghion Hotel, which had attracted potential local and foreign buyers, was put on the market twice, but was not successful privatized due to low offers being put forward for the large property.

“Filwoha Hotel, which is known for its hot spring bath and other spa services, will undergo an expansion in the coming years,” he said.

Source: The Capital