Ethiopia mourns victims of Islamic State killings in Libya

Thousands of Ethiopians - such as these mourners in Addis Ababa - are demanding justice for the victims (photo: AFP) -
Thousands of Ethiopians – such as these mourners in Addis Ababa – are demanding justice for the victims (photo: AFP) –

Addis Ababa – Ethiopia has started three days of national mourning following the killing by Islamic State of more than 20 migrant workers – most thought to be Ethiopian Christians – in Libya.

The Libyan branch of IS on Sunday released videos of the men being beheaded and another group being shot.

The killings have been condemned in Ethiopia and throughout the world.

IS and other jihadist groups are active in many towns in Libya, which has been torn by civil conflict since last year.

The brother of one of those killed described the killers as “animals… outside of all humanity”.

Ethiopia’s government has confirmed that the people shown being killed in the IS videos were Ethiopian migrant workers.

However the Jerusalem Post reported that three of those killed were Eritreans who had previously sought asylum in Israel.


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  2. I really sorry about our people who are leaving their country. I know there is poverty in Ethiopia; but these days things are changed and improved. They have to think twice before they decide. Most of them are teenagers they need help. Some people they use them for their political purpose. There is a difference between a country and a government. The government is changing how many governments have changed starting form 1975 to 2007 according to the Ethiopian calendar. Ethiopia is in a right track according to the IMF and the World Bank report. We’ll make poverty history if we are working hard. God keep their soul in heaven those who are lost their life by the ISIS animal group. It is a matter of time we’ll destroy ISIS. ISIS will destroy by the Ethiopian army not by the western country. Please remember the Battle of Adowa.We’ll repeat the Battle of Adowa on ISIS. At last not least God has to keep their soul in soul.

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