Ethiopia: Holy Synod reunion

Abuna Merkorios (left) and Abuna Mathias (Photo: Ethiopian Herald)

ADDIS ABABA— The reunion of the two Synods of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church (EOTC), the one at home and the one in exile in Northern America, materialized today after close to three decades of division.

The agreement installs His Holiness Abuna Merkerios (IV) Patriarch of Ethiopia as the spiritual Patriarch of the Church, while His Holiness Abuna Mathias (VI) Patriarch of Ethiopia will oversee administrative tasks with the same status. 

The reconciliation held in Northern America will be concluded today with various programs that displays the magnitude of the Holy Church, the Holy Synod announced.

EOTC Synod Manager His Holiness Abuna Dioskorios said that starting from the welcoming ceremony for His Holiness Abuna Markorios at Bole Int’l Airport early in the morning; it will contain spiritual programs in the Holy Trinity Cathedral, and lastly a public gathering at Millennium Hall that includes government officials, religious representatives, and influential community members.

His Holiness Abuna Dioskorios also said that the reunion will help to strengthen the unity of the Holy Synod, the faithful, Ethiopians as the church has played a strong role in shaping the history of the country.

Abuna Dioskorios recognized PM Abiy Ahmed for his commitment in reuniting the two Synods. “The Church will always remember Dr. Abiy for the great role he played in the reconciliation process.” 

Abuna Markorios called upon the faithful to manifest the greatness of the Church through love, peace and sympathy for all Ethiopians during the program.

Source: Ethiopian Herald