Mulmul, a bakery with a huge difference

Mulmul Bakery

Which of the 100 plus Mulumul products do you want to eat? 

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia –  It has always had a reputation as a quality bakery. Now, the list of products it offers at its six branches, made by individual bakers located at each branch, consists of an impressive 104 products. These include breads and pastries made from different kinds of cereals and other ingredients, including barley, oats, teff, a mixture of cereals – 13 different grain types in all.

The large selection, the consistent good taste and freshness are among the attractions for its regular customers.

It added eight additional pastry types four months ago, including Tiramisu, a popular coffee flavoured cake, White Forest and Chocolate Truffle – a dessert of chopped chocolates and cream – and the market is responding  favourably, says a manager.

A long standing favourite among customers is Baklava, a rich honey dessert that Mulmul prepares with marmalade flavoured peanuts.

Adding more value,  Nadia Abdulla, the bakery chain’s inter-branch manager, says that the bakery has only recently added 10 additional bread varieties that are specifically available to customers of the new Rwanda branch. These additions include Onion, Garlic, Tomato and Rosemary breads, along with the bestseller, Focaccia – a spicy and savoury flat bread made with olive oil, onions and tomato.

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