DHL to build world class facility in Addis Ababa

Charles Brewer

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - DHL announced its plan to build a world class facility inside the Addis Ababa Bole International Airport.

The logistics company is currently in negotiation with the Ethiopian Airports Enterprise and Ethiopian Airlines to build the facility within the premises of the airport.

“We are looking at a potential location. Once we do the necessary contracts, we then start the construction,” stated Charles Brewer, Managing Director of DHL Express Sub-Saharan Africa. Once completed the facility is expected to feature a service center and country office.

“We are very committed to investing in Ethiopia. It is taking longer than we expect but we have to respect the environment we work in,” Charles stated.

“Ethiopian Airlines and Ethiopian Airports Enterprise have their own stand of what they want and where they want us to be. We are trying to make sure we find a marriage that works. It is going to be a big investment, millions of dollars. We don’t put up that kind of money unless we are sure it is a good investment,” he added.

DHL is currently upgrading all our infrastructure in several countries in Africa and Ethiopia is part of the jigsaw puzzle.

DHL stated that East Africa and Ethiopia are key regions for growth within Sub-Saharan Africa. For the past three year, the East African community has sustained a high GDP growth, outpacing a number of Sub-Saharan countries. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has forecasted a GDP growth of around 7.5 percent for Ethiopia in 2014.

“We have been very pleased with our progress over the last quarter, which is both a reflection of the country’s economic development but also of our employee’s passion for the business and taking it forward,” said Essete Gebriel, Country Manager for DHL Express Ethiopia.

She also stated that the company is doing significant work in increasing connectivity for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), helping them to understand the paperwork, legislation and expertise needed to grow beyond Ethiopia’s borders.

Source: Capital