Addis Abeba’s New Vegan Cafe

The brown, flavourful, wholegrain pancakes served at the capital new full-time vegan cafe makes it seem more like a pancake house. While organic veganism is nothing new to Ethiopia, it is overwhelmingly practiced only part-time, based on the Ethiopian Orthodox Church fasting schedule. However, Green Arts Coffee, on Debre Zeit Road, is definitely full-time, writes Makda Getachew, Special to Addis Fortune.

Those who have frequented Debre Zeit Road in recent years might recall the rather deserted terrace that was vacated by Milifone Pastry Shop years ago.

But, if someone were to visit today, they would notice that a new cafe has popped into the scene to revive the tired hotspot, a cafe with the slogan Green: The Healthy Way.

Green Arts Coffee does not occupy a room, but what appears to be a framed extension of the outdoors, with potted plants scattered around the floor and wide openings in the walls, allowing pedestrian glances, sunlight, and an occasional breeze into the cafe. With such an open setting, it is difficult to leave behind the hustle and bustle of the busy road just outside. Read full story on Addis Fortune.