Hunde Resort, a hill top hotel for Sululta

Sululta, Ethiopia – Suluta a town 25Km Northwest of Addis Ababa inaugurated its latest hotel on May 5 at a cost of 16 million birr. The brand new hotel for the town lies over 2000sqm. The hotel built by a local businessman Abera Hunde and located in an area known as “Weserbi” mountain is named “Hunde resort”. The contractor for the project is a local company Guda Construction.

Abera Hunde is an investor engaged in the timber industry in Ethiopia who recently started a coffee farm in the western part of Oromia Regional State around Wollega.

According to Teshome Negash, public relations and coordination committee head at Hunde resort, the project took three years to complete and consists of 25 bedrooms, three traditional Sidama lodges, two restaurants and one bar.

It will also have Internet rooms, a wide view kitchen rooms, laundry rooms and other facilities staffed with a total of 50 personnel.
It also has a seating capacity of 400, a conference room in addition to its breezy landscape which is perched on top of the highlands.
Hunde resort hopes to be a tourist attraction for individuals and families wanting to get out of the hectic Addis city life and enjoy the fresh air and natural beauty of the area as well as those local and international tourists visiting historical and natural areas of Ethiopia.
Teshome further said the local authorities were cooperative in leasing the land area for the construction of the hotel although he admitted the seesawing construction material price had posed a difficulty.
In addition to swimming pools, it plans tan entertainment facility for children on an additional 2,000sqm.
“We plan for the upcoming children’s entertainment facility to have modern amusement machines and toys which we estimate will cost us in total about 12 million birr,” Teshome told Capital.
Hunde Resort is located a short distance away from “Yaya village” resort owned by the renowned athlete Haile Gebreselassie and a one currently being built by another famous athlete Kenenisa Bekele.
Source: Capital Ethiopia