Kuriftu Resort and Spa spreads its wing to Djibouti

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – The Boston Partners plc, the Ethiopian company known for building Kuriftu Resorts, is going

Moucha Island (photo: skyscrapercity.com) -
Moucha Island (photo: skyscrapercity.com) –

to construct a resort in Moucha Iseland, a small island off the coast of Djibouti with a bid to expand the establishment of Kuriftu resorts to East Africa.

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister HaileMariam Desalegn and Djiboutian President Ismail Omar Guelleh were present during the inauguration of the construction of the resort.

The resort, which is an extension of the Kuriftu Resort and Spa, will consume 7 million USD, according to the owner Tadiwos Getachew Belete.

Up on completion after a year, the resort will have 30 presidential suits, two villas and 120 rooms.

This island will help to provide full service for tourists who want to visit Ethiopia and Djibouti by combining natural, historic and cultural heritages of Ethiopia with a “blue sea, white sand and sea food” in Djibouti, he said.

This is the first resort outside Ethiopia for Boston Partners that has six resorts in various parts of the country including in Addis Ababa, Debre Zeit, Bahir Dar, Burayu, Adama and Ziway.

Boston Partners has plan to enter in to hospitality industry in every African country and expand the establishment of Kuriftu resorts to East Africa, he added.


It had concluded a 50 million USD agreement with a US-based company, Fairfax Africa Fund, back in August 2012 to pursue this goal.

The agreement was said to help Boston Partners achieves its plan to build, own and operate several hotels and resorts in East Africa including Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Djibouti.

Source: ENA