Charisma Ecology to build 13 new Resorts in Ethiopia

Lake Abaya, Southern Ethiopia


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Eco Tourism is getting a major boost as seven investors are coming together to build thirteen hotels in places that were previously inaccessible to tourists.

Charisma Ecology plans to build resorts in pristine wilderness areas that, although spectacular were seen by only few because of their location.  Formed five weeks ago, they plan to build first class cultural resorts in 13 different places.

“Ethiopian classical architecture and tribal professionals will take the major role in constructing the resorts mainly located in the southern part of the country. We want to preserve the ancient housing construction styles but these will be first class traditional resorts,” board member, Daniel Damtew explained.

According to the plan, during the first phase about four resorts will be built in less than two years, after that they still plan to expand.

The areas selected for the future resort centres will be previously undiscovered strategic tourist areas. They also want to find places that are reachable by many means of transportation.

“The first 13 resorts will be in recognized tourist destinations but we have a plan to identify new potential tourist areas,” Daniel explained.

Among the exciting recreational activities are fishing and boat rides on the Omo River.

The resort locations include; Tana Lake, at Zege Peninsula, accessible via water and land and the nearest location to historical Tana islands.

Kosoye Resort, 23Km from Gonder town, a perfect area to view the Semen Mountains, and Omorati Resort where Omo, southern Ethiopia; Abaya Lake, the largest lake in the rift valley that is located around Arbaminch. Abaya Resort facility will include a conference centre, golf club and boat trip to Dilla town. Entoto, the mountain on the northern outskirt of Addis will also have a resort.

The resort on Abayata/Shala Lake, which is a popular place for African aquatic birds and hot spring water, Geralta Resort, which is a tourist destination with various rocking churches along the highway from Mekele to Axum, and resorts in Bale and Afar are other selected destinations.

Haileabe Meresa, from Peace Journey in Africa, Awad Mohamed, owner of Adika Tour and Travel, Daniel Damtew, owner of Glory Ethiopia Travel and Tour, Munier Ahmed, owner of Habesha Restaurant, Eng Tadesse Tessema, owner of Holland Car, Alem Mengistu, who manages different hotels and Arkebom Kebede, who owns a travel company have come together to invest 90 million birr in Charisma Ecology.

Daniel, one of the five board members told Capital that the company has plans to include other hotel owners, travel and tour agents. The other founding board members are Awad, Arkebom, Hileabe and Munir.

Source: Capital Ethiopia