Ethiopia Football: Trans, Sebeta, Nyala & Fincha Relegated

Addis Ababa – The last round matches of the Ethiopian Premier League, which took place in various cities of the country yesterday, not only helped determine the winner of this year’s competition but also the demise of the four teams who will be relegated.

The four teams who are relegated to the National Championship are Trans Ethiopia (Mekelle), Sebeta City (Sebeta), Lideta Nyala (Addis Ababa) and Fincha Sugar (Fincha).

While the faith of Fincha (10 pts) and Nyala (22 pts) was known a few weeks ago, Trans Ethiopia (32 pts, -13 goals) still had a slim chance of staying in the EPL provided they win their match against Sidama Coffee and if either Banks (33 pts, -10 goals)) dropped points against Lideta Nyala or Dire Dawa City (35 pts, -17 goals)) lost its match against EEPCO.

Trans accomplished the first condition by beating Sidama coffee 1-0 to end their season with 35 points and -12 goals. Unfortunately Banks defeated Lideta Nyala 6-2 and Dire Dawa and EEPCO drew 1-1, giving all three teams 36 points each, and one point clear of Trans.

Monday: June 27

Sebeta: Sebeta City vs Harar Brewery 2-0

Adigrat: Trans Ethiopia vs Sidama Coffee 1-0

Dire Dawa: Dire Dawa City vs EEPCO 1-1

Adama: Adama City vs Hawassa City 2-0

Addis Ababa (Abebe Bikila Stadium): Lideta Nyala vs Banks 2-6

Addis Ababa: Ethiopian Coffee vs Mugher Cement 2-0

Addis Ababa: Dedebit FC vs Defence Force 5-2

Saturday: June 25

Addis Ababa: St. George vs Fincha Sugar 3-0