Yisak Abraham & Mohammed Hassan join Ethiopian Coffee FC

Coach Wubetu Abate (Photo Credit: Ethiopian reporter)

Addis Ababa – Ethiopian Premier League Champions Ethiopian Coffee has signed new players to further strengthen its squad.

Coach Wubetu Abate suggested it is time for Coffee supporters to unite force and help the side to strengthen its financial muscle.

To add some muscle to the coming new season, Coffee has snatched away Commercial Bank’s mid fielder Yishak Abraham for a two year contract; the player will pocket 250,000 Birr for the signing. Asked why he chose Coffee over his previous club, Yishak said that Banks is not yet ready to meet his terms plus it has been his childhood dream to play for “The Brown shirts”.

Wubetu also lured away former Saint George Adama Town Mohammed Hassan to his squad with 200,000 Birr signing; the player has been penned to a two year contract. Mohammed was one of Saint’s dependable strikers before he was stranded on the reserve bench following the arrival of foreign players. “We are planning to build a mid field influenced strong squad and adding those two surely will help us a lot” Wubetu told Capital.

In the mean time the season’s best head coach told Coffee supporters to help the side with fundraising and show the power of the fans. Attending one of the fans celebration parties, Wubetu remarked it is best to organize a united support than partying in selected localities. “Coffee needs strong financial support in order to build a competing squad even at local level. “ Wubetu told supporters.

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Source: Capital Ethiopia