Football and Ethiopians: Local disappointment, enthusiasm for foreign leagues

Crowd violence have become regular occurrence in Ethiopian football lately

Football in Ethiopia is a very serious matter especially for those fans who always live the sport despite the fact that there is little progress in the way football is practiced and presented as a show and most of all despite the repeated disappointments in terms of results in continental competitions.

The origin of love for football among Ethiopians could be a matter of research for academics in the field but as far as my knowledge and understanding goes it is closely linked with a certain personality by the name Yidnekachew Tessema who played a huge role in popularizing the sport in our country. Many assert that he has done more to Ethiopian football than any other single individual.

This can easily be extended even to Africa because he was the top manager of African football for nearly two decades and this is credited by the African football governing body CAF and the world football governing body FIFA.

Yidnekachew was an all rounded sportsperson and he contributed more than anyone to the creation of the Ethiopian Football Federation, and the Confederation of African Football and promoted and launched football in Ethiopia very early in the century. He preached and breathed sport and football more specifically and was himself an all rounded sportsperson, national football player, coach, educator, diplomat and manager of football and Olympic bodies.

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