Ethiopia Marks 123rd Anniversary Of Adwa Victory

Addis Ababa, March 2, 2019 -The 123rd anniversary of Ethiopia’s victory of Adwa has been celebrated at a national level in Tigray regional state at Adwa, a place where Italy forces were defeated by the Ethiopian army.

Senior government officials, including President Sahle-Work Zewde, Chief Administrator of Tigray regional state, Dr Debretsion Geberemichael, Speaker of the House of Federation, Mrs Keria Ibrahim and Minister of Culture, Dr Hirut Kassaw, attended the event.

The celebration was also attended by foreign nationals, invited guests and residents of Adawa and its environs.

Speaking at the event, President Sahle-Work said the victory of Adwa reminds us that Ethiopians stand in unison when it comes to defending their country and safeguarding their national interest despite differences.

The victory of Adwa can be a lesson and an inspiration for today’s generation, she said, further calling all Ethiopians to stand united to achieve more successes and pass down a stable and prosperous nation to the next generation.

Chief Administrator of Tigray regional state, Dr Debretsion said Adwa signifies the importance of unity of nations and nationalities and how it helps to achieve unbelievable victory.

There are still lessons that we need to learn from the victory of Adwa, he added.

Minister of Culture, Dr Hirut for her part said the current generation needs to join hands to build the country by taking lesson from the victory.

The victory day was also celebrated in the capital Addis Ababa early this morning at Menelik II Square in the presence of Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa city, Engineer Takele Uma, Ethiopian patriots, Addis dwellers, and invited guests.

Engineer Takele on the occasion said that “the victory of Adwa is the result of the ultimate sacrifice paid by all Ethiopians for all black people.”

The Battle of Adwa was fought on 1 March 1896 between Ethiopia and Italy near the town of Adwa.
Ethiopians under the command of Emperor Menelik II defeated over 20,000 well-armed Italian colonial forces at the battle of Adwa.

Ethiopia’s victory over Italy kept Ethiopia as the only independent and never colonized African country.

Source: Fana Broadcasting