Ethio-Eritrea Cycle Tour to kick off on Sunday in Addis Ababa

Ethiopian cyclists (photo: courtesy of Desta Keremela YouTube video)

Addis Ababa – Ethio-Eritrea Cycle Tour,  a multi stage men’s cycling tour between Ethiopia and Eritrea will kick off here tomorrow.

The tour, which is the first of its kind between the two neighboring countries , will conclude in the Eritrean port city of Massawa on December 3rd.

Ethio-Eritrea Cycle Tour Schedule:

Stage 1: Addis Ababa – Debre Libanos – Nov 25

Stage 2: Debre Libanos – Shewa Robit – Nov 26

Stage 3: Shewa Robit – Dessie – Nov 27

Stage 4: Dessie – Maychew – Nov 28

Stage 5: Maychew – Mekelle – Nov 29

Stage 6: Mekelle – Adigrat – Nov 30

Stage 7: Adigrat – Asmara – Dec 2

Stage 8: Asmara – Massawa – Dec 3

The tour is sponsored by Coca Cola.

YouTube Video  courtesy of Desta Keremela




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  1. Hello, this is confusing. Is this schedule based on Ethiopian calander? I gues that is next Sunday. The African Cycling Cup in Asmara ended on Nov 25 European calander. It is a bit confusing. please clarify. Also add more info about the ERitrean stars who are participating in this competition. Thank Adu fromt the USA.

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