Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church: End of schism, excommunication

Dr. abiy Ahmed and Abune Merkorios (photo: Ethiopian Herald)

ADDIS ABABA- Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (EOTC) faithful joyously welcomed the reunion of the two Synods at home and in exile in the US following the end of nearly three decades of schism and excommunication. 

Thanks to Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed’s effective mediation, His Holiness Abuna Merkorios IV, Patriarch of EOTC in exile and His Holiness Abuna Mathias VI, Patriarch of EOTC at home have expressed their joy to labor together for the greatness of the Church. 

Yesterday, His Holiness Abuna Merkorios arrived at Bole International Airport and warmly welcomed by Abuna Mathias, Church fathers and the Orthodox faithful. Later on, at the Holy Trinity Cathedral, the two Synods officially declared the end of the separation. 

His Holiness Abuna Mathias said “when this day falls, I am thrilled with the fulfillment of God’s will. And the church is overjoyed, and the people of Ethiopia rejoiced, and I truly felt great joy.”

The serenity of the unification is so wonderful; the Holy Church that has been divided for 27 years is united in our day, His Holiness added. 

“I have often been reminded for so many years, I would say, that I would like to end the schism as it is a danger for the future of the Church and the people of Ethiopia,” Abuna Mathias said adding “For all will be by the will of God, the day has finally come with the unforgettable commitment of the Prime Minister.”

Melakehiwot Aba Efrem, Head of Saint Marcos Church told The Ethiopian Herald that the reconciliation is exciting for the Church, for the faithful and for the country.

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