Dawit Estifanos tops Ethiopia Premier League hot transfers

Dawit Estifanos

Though according to unauthorized sources Ethiopian international Salhadin Said has set a Ethiopian Footballers’ new transfer record, the official statement from Ethiopian Football Federation disclosed that the former Ethiopia Bunna, Dire Dawa, and Ethio-Electric playmaker Dawit Estifanos is the highest paid footballer while Wolayta Dicha’s Zelalem Eyasu is the lowest.

According to the official record from the federation only 44 players out of the more than 500 players in the move are listed. It is unclear why the whole list in unavailable.

The former national team mid fielder Dawit Estifanos will earn 166,922 Birr per month in his latest move to Fasil Kenema FC. Famous for his ball handling yet notorious for his lack of discipline Dawit tops the transfer list with a staggering total amount of two million three thousand sixty four (2,003,064 Birr) for a one year contract.

The second highest paid is Adama’s Jecko Peaze Peryze with a 165,000 Birr a month contract extension. Ahmed Reshid, Anteneh Tesfaye and Samson Assefa each collect 153,850 Birr a month on their move to Dire Dawa from Ethiopia Bunna and Sidama Bunna respectively. The only player to win three Premier League titles with three different sides, former national team attacking mid fielder Menyahel Teshome collects 133,590 Birr a month on his move from Saint George to Woldya.

Famous for building a strong team under limited resources while still winning the knock-out championship, Wolayta Dicha has now joined the transfer market signing former Hawassa Haimanot Worku for 100,000 Birr a month and extended the contract of Zelalem Eyasu in so far lowest amount of 25,000 Birr a month.

Source: Capital