Getaneh Kebede under the radar of Fasil & Woldiya Kenema

Getaneh Kebede of Dedebit

Addis Ababa – Ethiopian international Getaneh Kebede’s second spell with title contenders Dedebit FC apparently will reach the closing stages at the end of the current season. According to sources, the striker who single evenhandedly guided Dedebit to title contention is linked with three Ethiopian Premiere League teams including new comer Fasil Kenema.

When the normally humble goal hunter Getaneh lost his temper, took off his jersey and threw it in the face of his coach in sheer frustration after a tie in Addis Ababa, many were taken by surprise. It is not clear what made him so angry but the striker is said to be unhappy with the recent sacking of his previous two head coaches: Yohannes Sahle and Asrat Haile. Some say the day’s lineup made him angry while others said it was not winning the match which would have put them on top of the standings.  Unofficial reports suggest that the striker who is leading the top scoring chart with 19 goals and an admirer of Coach Zemariam W/Giorgis has already been in contact with the Amhara region’s most popular side Fasil Kenema.

“His contract expires at the end of the current season so when he becomes a free agent Getaneh is expected to put pen to paper for Fasil Kenema in the coming new season, “Fasil Kenema will break its safe and is more than ready to embrace the international striker for a record signing fee,” one club supporter suggested.

The striker is also said to be under the radar of Saint George and Woldya Kenema. Insiders argue that Saint George already has a big name striker so Fasil or Woldya are his likely destinations.

Source: Capital


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