Ten reasons you should visit Ethiopia for romantic adventures

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If you are looking to rekindle romance with adventure in the land of ancient history; Jumia Travel tourism experts have compiled reasons why Ethiopia should be your romantic destination this valentines. From fabulous beaches to charming wildlife parks and a lot more endless adventures, it’s such an incredible place to visit. Below are the best picks for the most memorable romantic escape.  

Although romantic adventures are usually associated with candlelit dinners, barefoot walks on refreshing beaches and indulging in luxuries lodgings, Ethiopia boasts its own romantic aroma that can be felt even from the clean and fresh environment. From the dense greener forests to ancient architectures to the sophisticated destinations, Ethiopia is the perfect place to flatter your significant other and retain the great memories forever. 

Coming to Ethiopia puts you in the middle of unique culture and adventure. The country is full of romantic vibe and delightful adventures; watch the sunset over the clear blue lakes. Its ancient constructions the bites and welcoming friendly public. Enjoying the great cuisines from the local and international chefs adds a delightful flavour to your Ethiopian adventure. Ethiopia is not just a glamorized country with so much picturesque scenery but also a traditional country which entices visitors to come back for more. 

The iconic attractions of Ethiopia offer a rewarding trek at Simien Mountains known as the roof of Africa and Ras Dashen. These are just a few of the best trekking experiences, so you should not miss the green mountains. Once up in the mountains, the view of the stunning cascading Towns Mountains is incredible. 

It does not get much better than this from the rock hewn churches in Lalibela to rock hewn obelisks in Aksum, Tigray and stunning Medieval Europe like palaces in Gondar. With so much adventure along the way, it’s one of a kind adventure that should not be missed. Everything in this fabulous country takes you for an incredible roam keeping you inspired and overjoyed. 

 The beaches and the destinations are never crowded, creating a romantic environment. It enables you to rest peacefully under the sun, listening only to the beach shores and enjoying the refreshing lake breath. The local people share a friendly sense of pride about their culture and history directing you to the best places to stop by.

A romantic getaway evidently includes fun day out purchasing unique items to remember the day and treating oneself with the luxury. The hotels and the traditional and contemporary shopping malls are packed with cultural and handmade artifacts and traditional clothing. Consider the incredible treats in the local and chain hotels where you can have the best of your life.

Take an adventure ride to Debre Zeit, Hawassa and Bahir Dar where you can have the ultimate best adventure refreshing your days with nature’s extravaganza. These colorful places combine best destination and culture creating pleasant romantic getaway.  

The Omo valley incredible adventure is a perfect spot to chill out and remember by your romantic getaway. Witness their remarkable way of life and marriage ceremonies where men go through ritual bloody fight with the strongest man in the community, jumping over several lined up Bulls without any cloth on to prove their brevity and love to the wife to be is an amazing tradition to observe.

The longest river, Blue Nile, is a massive waterfall to watch close by to admire nature’s outstanding creations. Lake Tana, Langano, and Wenchi are also few of the many refreshing fresh waters suitable for swimming and cruising during your romantic adventure.  

Ethiopia is a place which turns a romantic trip into a lifetime exciting treasured memory. It offers a variety of options from volcanic fire lakes to hot springs with healing power. It’s a place full of astonishing reserves and adventures with breathtaking lavish sights.

Author: Eden Sahle can be reached at eden.sahle@jumia.com