Cecafa 2016 tournaments cancelled

Uganda have won the east and central African regional title a record 14 times (photo: BBC Sport)

The Council for East and Central Africa Football Associations (Cecafa) has revealed there will be no Senior Challenge Cup or Kagame Club Championship in 2016.

Rogers Mulindwa, the Cecafa Media Officer, told BBC Sport: “I can now confirm that it is impossible for us to stage the tournaments this year.”

Kenya had accepted to host the two events but pulled out for what they called lack of sponsors.

Sudan had initially been selected to host the Challenge Cup, while Tanzania was meant to host the Kagame Club Championship but both countries withdrew.

EL Mnan Osama Atta, treasurer of the Sudan Football Federation, had hoped the government would provide the financial assistance for the Cecafa Senior Challenge Cup to go ahead in December but revealed to BBC Sport “the government told us it was not possible”.


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