Ethiopia earns $3.4 billion from tourism

Gondar Castles
Gondar Castles

Addis Ababa –Ethiopia has earned over 3.4 billion US dollars in revenue from more than 910,000 foreign tourists who visited the country in the just concluded fiscal year, said the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MoCT).

MoCT Public and International Relations Director, Gezahegn Abate, said the number of visitors and the income earned in the reported period increased by 136,000 tourists and half a billion dollar respectively, compared to same period the previous fiscal year.

A number of international conferences held in the country as well as business conferences and exhibitions staged by the private sectors were mentioned as contributors for the increase in tourist flow and revenue.

The country secured 2.9 billion US dollars last year.

Over 88,000 foreign tourists visit Ethiopia per month and spend 16 days on average, according to Gezahegn.

The growing number of visitors shows that the country is on the right track to attain its target of becoming one of the top five tourist destination in Africa by 2022, he said.

Source: Fana Broadcasting