Hapteselassie Tafesse: The father of Ethiopian Tourism Industry

Habteselassie TafesseMany agree that the tourism sector is a vivacious and viable business which provides major economic development opportunities for many countries and means of improving the livelihoods of their citizens.

No exception for Ethiopia, as it is blessed with bountiful tourism resources with an assortment of wonderful historical, cultural, archaeological and natural tourist attractions. While we are on the subject, the focus of this writer is not to talk about the nitty-gritty of tourism but to make the pioneer of Ethiopian tourism industry, Hapteselassie Tafesse acquainted with the general public. Haptesilassie otherwise called ‘the inventor of Ethiopia tourism’ in those early times hostile to tourism. Exclusive of any hyperbole, he is the uncrowned king of the sector. This great figure, the polyglot, has passed through many ups and downs to take Ethiopian tourism industry to the next level of success at any price. What is more, he has been showered with various awards from different organizations for his distinguished achievements for the development of tourism service in Ethiopia and outstanding contributions to the preservation of Ethiopian history and culture. The Ethiopian Herald Guest page had shared Hapteselassie’s reflections on various issues. Excerpts:

Ato Hapteselassie, I would like to forward my sincere appreciation to you on behalf of The Ethiopian Herald for your willingness to give me this interview. First of all, would you please introduce yourself to our esteemed readers?

In the beginning, I do not know how to thank you for giving me this golden opportunity to pass my ideas to the general public. To return to your question, my name is Hapteselassie Tafesse. I was born here in Addis Ababa. At this moment in time, I am a father of three. To my amazement, I am 90 years old. I do not know why God has granted me such a long age. I am physically strong and do whatever I like and go wherever I yearn for. He can take me at whatever time He likes as I am His property. I would like to thank God in this regard. Devoid of any hyperbole, I have passed through many ups and downs to take Ethiopian tourism industry to an up-to-the-minute level of triumph. Moreover, I have contributed tremendously to my dearly loved country as my complete pleasure is throwing in my share to the growth of my beloved country. If I had done the whole lot rooted in my interest and plan from the very beginning, the Ethiopian tourism industry would have gotten billions of dollars year on year. Before I forget, I had excellent parents who tried all they could to make my bread buttered well. My father was the sole bread winner of the house while my mother is a housewife. The father served as a minister and as an ambassador. I have also played a part in countless development comings and goings. In spite of the fact that I have done a number of life-changing projects and other significant things to my much-loved country, I hate to death blowing my own horn. As my father was an ambassador, I have been to different parts of the world such as Greece, America, France and so forth. Everything considered, I have been to most part of the world. In this way, I lived in foreign countries for many years. By the way, I set in motion my primary school in Teferi Mekonnen School which was positioned in the heart of Sidist Kilo. Subsequently, I attended classes in different part of the world and at the end of the day I was able to have my first degree from America in Government Public Relations. The instant I returned to Ethiopia, I began working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the head of the press. My duties were entertaining visitors, journalists and all that.

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