Mahmoud Ahmed’s 75th birthday to be celebrated at Yared Music School

Mahmud Ahmed

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – The legendary Ethiopian musician Mahmoud Ahmed’s 75th birthday is going to be celebrated on May 5 at Yared Music School here in the nation’s capital.

The renowned vocalist’s birthday celebration will take place on the first week of May at various locations showcasing the long and memorable musical odyssey of Mahmoud Ahmed. During the occasion there will be various entertainment events and photographic display of his historic timeline.

Renowned with his songs such as Tizita, Mela Mela, Alawokshilgim and Teresash Woy, Mahmoud is endowed with a gift that is able to transcend the generation gap.

Born in Addis Ababa Mercato area,  he pursued music at an early age and is still persistent in pushing after four decades of stay in music. Coming from a humble background, his professional music career started while he was hanging out at Emperor Haileselassie’s Imperial Bodyguard Band after performances. With an electric stage performance and unique talent, it only took him a short time to catch people’s ear.

Source: The Reporter