Living through past legacy

Gondar PalaceThe medieval icon, Gondar, is one of the historical sites and destination for tourists from all over the world. According to legend, the kingdom entrenched up to Nubia, (North Sudan), Yemen and Somalia had served as Ethiopian capital for 250 years.

 The city, founded by the famous King Fasiledes is known for its several royal castles, built by him  and his successors ,Fasil Ghebbi ( the Royal Enclosure) , for which, Gondar has been called the “Camelot of Africa . Gondar is still glorified through history, literature and music. The royal enclosure is a source of pride for Gondarians, writes Tibebeselassie Tigabu.

Those who are fascinated with the Gondarian Period talk about overwhelming legends and myths. One of the legends includes the tale of Emperor Iyasu who ruled Ethiopia from 1682-1706.

The implanted diamonds in his crown and his golden outfits are the least of the legend. His kingdom stretched up to Nubia (North Sudan), Yemen and Somalia. Described as one of the greatest horsemen, Emperor Iyasu also defeated the Ottoman Turks in various fierce battles.

His palace, with its vaulted ceiling, is said to have been decorated with ivory, gold and other ornaments before earthquakes and British bombing destroyed it. Now only the skeletal shells of the castles and the legends remind us of his greatness. His residence is one of the castles that is located inside Fasil Gibi (royal enclosure).

Glorified throughout history, literature and music, the royal enclosure is a source of pride for Gondarians. During encounters with the inhabitants, one can observe how this legacy is deeply entrenched.

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