Enat Bank to honor Ethiopian Airlines’ All Female Flight Staff

Ethiopian Airlines All-Female Crew (photo: Ethiopian Airlines)
Ethiopian Airlines All-Female Crew (photo: Ethiopian Airlines)

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – In honor of the all female staffed Ethiopian Airlines flight to Bangkok on Thursday, November 19th, Enat Bank is hosting hosting a reception at the Sheraton Hotel tonight. Women that were involved in the operation will be honoured in the presence of the 200 guests the day after the flight returns to Addis.

The guest list includes members of various organisations geared toward the empowerment of women. Included among them are Ethiopian Airlines’ personnel, representatives of Private Enterprise Program Ethiopia (PEPE), notable female figures from the European Union, African Union, United Nations, and Patricia M. Haslach, US ambassador to Ethiopia. Thirty per cent of the invitations were issued to shareholders of the Bank.

Ethiopian Airlines launches its first all female flight crew (CCTV Africa video)


Hearing about Ethiopian’s all female operated flight last Wednesday, the Bank’s Board members were so excited that they decided to congratulate the women involved a month ahead of their annual shareholder meeting scheduled to be in December.

It is a chance for us to show our commitment to our vision of empowerment, explained Birtukan Gebreegzhi, vice president of Operations. It is also a good chance to promote the company and market the vision. The event was organised in less than a week and is projected to cost about a 100,000 Birr excluding liquor; that will be accounted for in the marketing budget of the Bank.

Source: Addis Fortune