Ethiopia Walia Ibex coach Sahle praises his players as critics eat humble pie

Yohannes Sahle Burundi

Ethiopia Walia Ibex coach Yohannes Sahle is over the moon after an impeccable performance that saw his players overturn a 2 goal deficit by Burundi to whip them 3-0 at home in turn qualifying for CHAN 2016 to be hosted by Rwanda.

For Sahle to took up the mantle to lead the national team just a few months ago it’s been a gruesome but finally a happy moment when he decided to rejig the team bringing in fresh faces that were hitherto unknown to the football loving nation.

Pundits immediately opened the Pandora box by questioning Yohannes Sahle’s move to drop the big boys.

The 2-0 loss in Bujumbura gave them fodder as the coach was fried as fans were made to believe he was not good enough for the team.

“I am elated with the very crucial and important win.I want to thank my players to rising up to the occasion coming from 2 goals down in the first leg to a famous and truly hard fought win.It is an awesome moment for Ethiopia football the fans who have stood strong by the team and the federation which has worked relentlessly to give us ample support”an elated coach Yohannes Sahle told

“After the celebrations we have to immediately embark on preparations as January us just two months away.We have a good side that has all the capacity to perform well”he added

The win over Burundi who have been in exceptional form silenced Sahle’s critics who had to eat humble pie after the great performance only replicated by former coach Sewnet Bisham as Walia qualified for CHAN 2014.



3 thoughts on “Ethiopia Walia Ibex coach Sahle praises his players as critics eat humble pie

  1. I believe this is an extraordinarily beautiful performance.from a different perspective,to me it seems this is a proof that team work,team spirit and high morale are decisive factors for such an achievement.keep it up walias!! keep it up coach!!

  2. wow! walia played the game! they did it! Walia keep it up, unity is power, play together like this, for sure you will get life time rewards from all of the Ethiopian people.
    We are proud of you ( walia)

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