The 1436th Eid Al-Adha (Arefa) colorfully celebrated in Addis Ababa

Eid Al-Adha celebration Addis Ababa Stadium
Eid Al-Adha celebration Addis Ababa Stadium (photo credit:

Addis Ababa-The Ethiopian Muslim community has colorfully celebrated the 1436th Eid Al-Adha holiday. Council president said the effort to maintain mutual tolerance and respect within the Muslim community and believers of other religions has become fruitful.

The president of the Islamic Affairs Supreme Council of Addis Ababa, Dr. Ahmed Abdurrahman, has urged the Muslim community to celebrate the day with spirited kindness to the needy, mutual tolerance, and support to the bedridden and others in need of help.

Ethiopia is known for the solidarity and mutual understanding among different religious groups for many decades and we have to maintain this social value at the expense of anything, he noted.

“That value of tolerance has been passed from generation to generation. That is one of the things that make Ethiopia a unique country in the world. That is what makes our city unique as well. Through that tradition of tolerance and mutual respect, we can make our city a city of cultural and religious diversity where peace, love and economic progress are manifested,” said the president.

As the day is celebrated to commemorate the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to God, the Muslim community should share whatever at their disposal with their less fortunate neighbors, noted the President.

We need to vigilantly watch out those who believe in destabilizing the peace and tranquility of our society and to follow the path of our prophet, he remarked.

Efrem Gizaw, Head of Addis Ababa Labor and Social Affairs Bureau, on his part said the Muslim Community of Addis Ababa should actively participate in the development as well as security issues of the city in particular and the country in general.

The Addis Ababa Muslim community should alertly follow the activities of fundamentalists and maintain the peace and security of the people of the city in particular and the country in general, he noted.

Both Dr. Ahmed and Efrem called up the Muslim community to play their part in the realization of the goals set in the second Growth and Transformation Plan and avert the mal-administrative issues the country is faced with.

The day is celebrated with prayers and live TV transmission.

Source: Walta