Addis Ababa awards stars for 38 hotels

Addis Ababa – Thirty-eight hotels in Addis Ababa were awarded five to one star, in the rating underway for the past few months in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and World Tourism Organization.

Addis Ababa Hotel Grading
Culture and Tourism Minister Amin Abdulkadir (second from left) announcing the star rating (credit: ENA)

Of the 123 hotels eligible to the rating, 3 got five star, 11 four, 13 three, 10 two and one awarded one star.

Thirty-one hotels did not pass the grading because they are unable to submit documents related to emergency exits, five others due to absence of documents related to proper hygiene service, and another 21 for not submitting both documents.

In a press briefing he held today, Culture and Tourism Minister Amin Abdulkadir didn’t mention the name of the hotels awarded the grades.

The names of hotels and their grade will be revealed for the media following the completion of possible complaints by hotel owners regarding the rating, he said.

Rating hotels is important for the country`s image building by improving provision of standard service, and encouraging competition among hotels.

The rating was made in accordance with the WTO standard which includes providing hotel grading training for 53 experts.

Accordingly, the classification was made based on 12 international criteria. Bedrooms, bath and rest rooms, guest rooms, restaurants, kitchen, sustainability of hotel service, security and employ treatment, are among others.

The grading was successful in keeping with the international standard, said Biniyam Bisrat President of the Addis Ababa Hotel Owners’ Association.

Since the assessment will be conducted every three years, the association will have the opportunity to support those in the hospitality business to get high star levels by building their capacity through training, he said.


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  1. 1. What is the other hotels’ result? When will it be announced or granted?
    2. What if a new hotel inaugurates during this transitional period? Can a given hotel gets grade?

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