Share your Ethiopian Travel Experience

Ethiopia Landscape

Beaverton, OregonEthioSports is inviting travelers, writers, reporters and bloggers to share their travel experience in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia, the cradle of mankind has a long and proud history. The country has 9 UNESCO registered world heritage sites and its uniqueness makes it a fascinating destination for tourists of all kinds.

Unfortunately, the rest of the world still has a negative image of the country due to the famine that devastated the country in the 1980s.

“We strongly believe that one of the best ways to combat the negative stereotype and promote Ethiopia as a great destination for Adventure, Culture & History, Sports, Travel & Tourism, is to create a platform where travelers, writers, reporters and bloggers can share their travel experience in the country”, said Mamo Gebrehiwot, Founder & Publisher of Ethiosports.

So, if you’ve visited Ethiopia recently or in the past, we ask you to share your travel experience. We would greatly appreciate if you could include photos & videos.

We’ve listed the following questions for guiding purposes but feel free to incorporate your own imagination when you write your article.

  • What was the purpose of your visit?
  • What airlines did you take?
  • Places you’ve visited
  • Where did you stay?
  • Restaurants you ate at
  • What was your overall experience of the country?
  • Would you recommend Ethiopia as a good travel destination? If not, what are some of the changes & improvements you would recommend?

Since we do not compensate contributors, we’re more than happy to include a byline and your brief bio containing links to your website, Facebook, Twitter accounts, which we will promote when your post goes live. Please keep your bio to just 2-3 sentences.

For detail information, please visit our Share Your Travel Experience page. Please send your articles to: Mamo Gebrehiwot at: