Hawassa, the Cozy Rift Valley


Hawassa, located 275Km away from Addis Abeba has pleasant and admirable high altitude climate.  It is the capital city of South Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Region which is multi-ethnic and diverse in nature thus adding color to the beauty of the place.

Home to the Rastafarian Community, Shashemane is a small town located about twenty kilometers away from Hawassa. In some parts of the town, visitors are bound to feel like they are in Jamaica because the city is inhabited by Jamaicans who settled in the town after being granted access by Emperor Haile Selassie in 1948. The Banana Art Gallery and Museum is open to visitors who appreciate authentic Rastafarian art and culture. The majority of Shashemene residents practice Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity  while Islam, Evangelical Christianity and Catholicism make up the remaining. The historical city is surrounded by green forests and fertile land that makes it suitable for agricultural production.

The neighborhood is famous for its gracious deep lake offering family-friendly relaxation and aquatic party adventures. Local and foreign tourists frequent the place all year round enjoying indoor and outdoor exercises. Whether you like hiking on nearby hill or just a scenic walk around the Mirror Lake or swimming, Hawassa is sure to surprise you with more, giving you a reason to return.

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