2017 CHAN: Ethiopia defeat Kenya 2-0

Ethiopia vs Kenya (Photo credit: EthioFootball.com)
Ethiopia vs Kenya (Photo credit: EthioFootball.com)

Bahir Dar  Ethiopia Walia Ibex defeated Kenya’s Harambee Stars 2-0 in the first leg match of the 2017 African Nations Championship (CHAN) qualifier played here today.

Aschalew Girma of Ethiopian Coffee SC scored the first goal (22′) and his club teammate Gatoch Panom added a second in the 76th minute of the match from a penalty kick.

This was Gatom’s second goal for the Walia in a week after he scored in the Lesotho match.

The Harambee Stars had a chance to reduce the score in the 79th minute when they were awarded a penalty kick but Walia’s goalie Tarik Getnet saved Kevin Kimani’s shot.

The two teams will play the return leg match in two weeks.

Walia’s line-up: 4-4-2

Goalkeeper: Tarik Getenet
Defenders: Seyoum Tesfaye, Aschalew Tamene, Tekalegn Dejene & Salhadin Bergecho
Midfielders: Gatoch Panom, Mentesenot Adane, Behailu Girma & Aschalew Girma
Forwards: Ramkel Lok & Binyam assefa



30 thoughts on “2017 CHAN: Ethiopia defeat Kenya 2-0

  1. ቡድኑ በአሪፍ እንቅስቃሴ ላይ ይገኛል በጣም አሪፍ ነው።

  2. it is a niece victory
    But still there are problems that needs to be rectified to ensure victory in the return leg match.

  3. A team is a team. Awarding different amount of money is distractive. Plz treat the players on the roster as one and award all equal amount and make them feel as a team.

  4. every coach has his/her own philosophy. The most important thing to gauge them is by the fruitful result they bring to the team.
    Do not compare Sewnet or Barreto with the new Coach Yohanes. leave the new Coach alone so he can do his job.

  5. የቡድኑ አጨዋወት በፊት በሰውነት ቢሻው ግዜ የነበረው አይነት አይደለም። ሰውነት ቢሻው ቡድኑን በጣም ኣሻሽሎት ነበር፣ የሕብረት ጨዋታቸው አቻ አልነበረውም። እንዳውም አንዳንድ ተቺዎች የኢትዮጵያን ቡድን ከባርሴሎና ጋር አመሳስለውት ነበር።

    ይህ ቡድን ነገር እየተጠነከረ ሲመጣ ተቋቁሞ መወጣት የሚችል አልመሰለኝም። ዮሐንስ ሣሕሌ በሰውነት ቢሻው ሥራና ውጤት ላይ ተጨማሪ መሻሻሎችን መገንባት እንጂ ሰውነት የሠራውን አፍርሶ ሌላ ስልት ማዋል አልነበረበትም።

    የሚይጠቅግብ እንጀራ ከምጣዱ ያስታውቃል እንዲሉ የዚህ ቡድን አያያዝ ካልተሻሻለ በቀር ከወዲሁ ሳየው ግን አላማረኝም።

  6. i am very happy about ethiopia 2=0 keniya this is not atheletics but it is foot ball

  7. wow it is very surprising walya ibex creates best chance to our country league in addition they will go with won in every match chan or caf africa & i wish best all match with victory finaly i love greatest national club of ethiopia

  8. I was expecting some video backups, nwys am proud of them and the scene was awesome!

  9. I always know very well that kenya natioal team is vake,why dont they take Gor mahia squade to play Ethiopia,i dont blame our national team coz they were deliverd what they were tought.

  10. At last thete is a Victory. Good Job anyways. It is better to lose with the coach being Ethiopian rather than win with the so called Mariano or whatever!?

  11. I am very happy with our foot ball team victory. Viva! Our coach. Viva our players.

  12. I am very happy about performance of Coach sahale team victory over Lesto and Kenya

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