Ambassadors say Victory of Adwa symbol of freedom for Africa

Adwa African VictoryAddis Ababa, Ethiopia – The Victory of Adwa is a symbol of independence and pride for black Africans, Ambassadors of Zambia and Ghana said.

The Ambassadors said the victory of Adwa inspired Africans who were then under colonial rule, to stand and fight for freedom.

According to Susan Sikaneta Zambian Ambassador to Ethiopia, the victory of Adwa motivated black Africans to fight against colonialism.

The victory is unforgettable among the current and future generations of Africa, since it is the first victory against colonizers, she said.

It proved that the Europeans’ desire to scramble the whole of Africa couldnot be successful, she added.

Following Ethiopia’s victory, Africans started to develop the believe that they could defeat their colonials, and got their independences, she said

Minister Councilor at Embassy of Ghana, Dr Robert Afriyie, for his part said the victory of Adwa should be celebrated at continental level, since it inspired Africans to fight for their independence.

According to him, the victory of Adwa celebrated every year in Ghana to commemorate the inspiration it gave to them to stand for their freedom.

Source: ENA