Red hot Shemeles Bekele scores in Petrojet win

Shemeles PetrojetEthiopia’ s mercurial midfielder Shemeles Bekele has continued with his impressive form for his new club Petrojet of Egypt as he scored a crucial goal on their away win over Al Nasr in the Egyptian Premier League.

The dimunitive midfielder has so far scored 3 goals in the last 4 games for Petrojet who have maintained a four game winning streak in a solid performance that had seen the Walia Ibex star shine in his first season in Egypt.

“I am happy things are working out well for my team Petrojet and the goals have scored have been through team work as we all fight to ensure our great winning streak is maintained.I am having a brilliant time in Egypt and I feel relaxed and enjoying my football as my form peaks up”Shemeles told Soka25

Shemeles joined Petrojet after parting ways with Sudanese side El Mereikh but this did not deter his resolve as he continued playing for the Ethiopian national team albeit while clueless until he signed a lucrative three year deal with Petrojet .

Petrojet 4 consecutive wins in Egptian premier League: 8 Al Nasr 2-3 Petrojet;  Petrojet 2-1 Asyouty Sport; Alaab Damanhour o-2 Petrojet ; Petrojet 2-1 Al Makowloon and AL Nasr 2-3 Petrojet.