Book Review: “Paulos Gnogno: 1926-1984 E.C.”

Paulos Gnogno

Remembering a veteran journalist

By Neamin Ashenafi, The Reporter

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Many historians and researchers of the history and the development of print journalism in Ethiopia revealed and described that the foundation of print journalism traces back to the era of the modernizer Emperor Menelik II of Ethiopia, and stated that print journalism in Ethiopia started with the introduction of “Aemiro” newspaper around 1881.

As indicated in various literatures that scrutinize the history, process and development of print journalism in Ethiopia, it was during the Menelik regime that the first newspaper entitled ‘Aemiro’ was established. The newspaper was published weekly with a circulation of 24 copies and covered a few social issues.

After Aemiro, there were and are many private and government-owned newspapers that have come into the picture during different regimes of the country, and within the introduction and development of the sector there have been many well-known and respected journalists who have contributed a lot to the development of the sector.

Among these personalities of the sector, Paulos Gnogno is listed, though there are were many practitioners of the field who can be regarded as pioneers for the development of the sector. A new book written by Dereje Tezazu entitled “Paulos Gnogno 1926-1984 E.C” is the rationale behind raising the issues related to him.

The book has nine chapters and many sub-chapters that describe the life and professional careers of the journalist, historian and author Paulos. He was born from an Ethiopian mother and a Greek national father in the Kulubi area.

Author: Dereje Tezazu

Year of publication: 2014

Place of publication: Addis Ababa

308 pp

Price 84 birr

Edition: Paperback

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