A glimpse of Ethiopia at one location

Berhan Ethiopia Cultural Center

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - As a country of diverse cultures and many heritages, Ethiopia is one of the most sought out destinations in Africa for tourists. 

This has created an opportunity for the business minded who also have the goal of promoting the country’s colorful cultures. 

A new player on the scene is Berhan Ethiopia Cultural Center. Unlike other similar establishments, Berhan Ethiopia tries to present Ethiopia from different perspectives. As soon as you walk into the entrance gate you will find the architecture and designs of regions around Ethiopia.  

“Although the Center is built on a small area, we have tried  to show all of Ethiopia’s amazing cultures,” said Sabela Belaynesh Abay, the owner and founder of the center. 

Sabela sought to meet the needs of tourists that don’t have time to see all that Ethiopia has to offer by giving them a glimpse of Ethiopia’s  historical depictions and cultural crafts of many nations and nationalities.

“When travelers come to the country for a short stay, they should be able to experience more than Ethiopian food and cultural dancing. They need to get a glimpse of the country from all sides and a learn a bit about the history,” Sabela stated.

The center is filled with replica of the country’s historical and cultural places unlike many other cultural centers that focus on one or two types of features.

Berhan Ethiopia will have its opening ceremony on May 1st 2014. The center provides cultural entertainment and cuisine. Those interested in visiting are required to make reservations before hand.

“It is my hope that this place will contribute to the promotion of Ethiopia’s past and culture and it will help people learn about it or give them the push they need to go visit the actual places,” Sabela said.

Source: Capital