Kuriftu Branches Out to Djibouti with Luxury Lodge on Red Sea Island

Moucha Island

Though only at the beginning of its design stage, modern construction techniques mean that Kuriftu Resort & Spa will be enticing tourists to Moucha Island in a year’s time.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Kuriftu Resort & Spa is building in Moucha Island off Djibouti what could be the tiny nation’s second resort at a cost of seven million dollars.

Kuriftu got a 50-year lease for a 500,000sqm land on Moucha Islandin December 2013. It hired Eyasu Siraj Consulting Architect two weeks ago to carry out the design in two and half months, said Tadios Belete, who co-owns Boston Partners plc with his wife.

The resort will be made with prefabricated material, which is ordered from Bali Prefab World, an Indonesian firm that designs and builds hardwood prefab houses, cottages, villas, bungalows, up-market homes and gazebos. Bali Prefab will deliver the parts, which account for 90pc of the entire construction, in six months, says Tadios.

Moucha is a coral island in the Gulf of Tadjoura, just off the shores of Djibouti. The three-kilometres long island is surrounded by Maskali Island and other smaller islands. These islands are known for their diving opportunities, as well as for swimming, snorkelling and fishing activities.

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