Sports Industry 101: Breaking Into The Business Of Sports

So you want to work in the sports industry? Like many students and young professionals pursuing an education in sports management and looking to make their big break into the business of sports, long gone are the days when working in industry is limited to selling tickets or running coverage of the local professional team for your hometown paper.

Warsaw Sports Marketing (Photo: Courtesy of University of Oregon)
Warsaw Sports Marketing (Photo: Courtesy of University of Oregon)

Projected to grow $145.3 billion between 2010-2015, the sports industry is flourishing with opportunities in all areas including: sports marketing and sponsorship, sports media (traditional and social media), sports facilities and even higher education institutions which are growing at faster than average projected rate of 15%. However, although there are numerous opportunities to work in sports these days, the competition to land one of them is also higher than ever.

Still up for the challenge? If so, here is a closer step-by-step look at how to break into the sports industry today. Read more at: Forbes