Tigray obtains 241.5 mln. birr revenue from tourism

Axum Obelisks

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (WIC)– Over 241.5 million birr revenue was secured in Tigray State from tourists who visited attraction sites over the past six months, State Culture and Tourism Agency said.

Agency Tourism Development Work Process Owner Yemane Gedlu told ENA over the weekend that the stated sum was secured from 18,000 tourists who visited historic and natural sites in the state.

The tourism activities in the state created jobs for 9,375 youth during the reported period.

The Axum Obelisks, Church of St Mary of Zion – Tsion Maryam – The, rock-hewn churches of Abrha We Atsibiha, the Al-Nejashi Mosque and natural forests, among others.